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[N3DS FC: 5026.4540.1373]

Hardcore Survival Stream!

Come and stop by the stream at to watch and chat with me! Playing a Hardcore Survival world in 1.8 with xobybr!


Hello! For more of my pokemon fanart, you can visit!


Its all fun and games until you realize you don’t have the console for it


K so basically Im gonna do a quick giveaway since I feel like it so here goes

So basically all day Ive been in the friend safari looking for a shiny female snorunt for my mate when he come back from holiday. Well Ive run into two shiny beartic so far and since I don’t need both…

anyone here play minecraft?


my friend adeadlyfish and i have started a hardcore hamachi server and we have already failed a few times and came to the conclusion that more people would be better

so yeah if you dont know how to set up a hamachi server you can just google it or something

Streaming Minecraft Hardcore Survival!

Been playing for a while with xobybr! Come join or watch at!!


"Lmaooo… She left her Facebook open so I hacked into it!!! <3 Love Ya girliee xoxo (:"


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